Annual Reports

At a time when negativity often dominates our news cycle, it’s my pleasure to offer some hope in presenting FEE’s 2020 Annual Impact Report, showcasing our recent victories and milestones in inspiring the rising generations with the foundational principles of liberty. 

Let me first express my sincere appreciation to our generous sponsors, without whose support this unprecedented reach and impact would have simply been impossible.

To be sure, last year was a uniquely challenging one for all of us. It proved in so many ways that the tides of public opinion, the direction of our economy, and the course of our very lives can change in an instant. In the midst of it all, FEE’s steady voice reached and engaged millions of young Americans with a clear message of freedom. 

Despite the obstacles ahead, we feel a moral obligation to secure the same opportunities for our children and grandchildren that we were once afforded, empowering them to realize their greatest potential in achieving their own version of the American dream.

I believe that this is our moment. To show the world the unprecedented human flourishing unleashed by free markets. To demonstrate that voluntary cooperation is the only peaceful and ethical means of exchange. To inspire tomorrow’s leaders to carry the torch of liberty as both their shield and their guide.

On behalf of those young thinkers and entrepreneurs, and of everyone at the Foundation for Economic Education, thank you for being a friend of liberty—precisely when it’s needed most. 


Zilvinas “Z” Silenas, President