Annual Reports

FEE’s remarkable growth, innovation, and impact of recent years generates questions all the time. The most common one is, “How did you do it?”

I’m quick to say I didn’t. We did it—our team, our trustees, our supporters, our campus ambassadors, our writers, our faculty. FEE is a symphony of indispensable players. We’re all on the same page, passionate about our mission and committed to excellence in everything we do.

As you survey this latest annual report, you will see glimpses of a wide array of programs, publications and activities. You may assume we must employ a hundred people. In fact, our staff numbers less than a third of that, a fact which underscores an amazing level of productivity. I think FEE stretches donor dollars like taffy. We may be a non-profit, but we run like a bottom-line, results- oriented, for-profit firm. We measure, we refine, we survey, we experiment. We hire for character and reward for performance.

Last year’s impressive results reflect an ongoing focus on three over-arching strategic objectives. We strive to be the best in the business in these areas: knowing our customers, introducing liberty to newcomers as a life philosophy, and leveraging the distribution of our materials through effective partnerships.

We don’t simply push paper over the transom and hope it lands in the right spot. We are focused, aggressive, and effective—which has allowed us to grow our impact exponentially these past few years.

We have set our sights on even greater and more impressive growth in 2019—and your support is critical as we make the ideas of freedom familiar, credible, and compelling to the rising generation.

Thank you!

Lawrence W. Reed, President, FEE (2008-2019)

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